Bucharest Inside the Beltway cordially invite you to the premiere and the performances of „Districtland,” a loving satire of young Washington DC written by Cristina Bejan and directed by John Dellaporta. The play, part of the Capital Fringe Festival, will be performed between July 11 and July 27 at Fort Fringe’s Redrum venue located at 612 L Street NW, Washington, DC, 20001.

10534693_10102537415306234_3910107111902849638_nDetailed schedule:
– Friday, July 11, 10:30 pm
– Sunday, July 13, 8 pm
– Wednesday, July 16, 6:30 pm
– Saturday, July 19, 2:15 pm
– Wednesday, July 23, 9 pm
– Sunday, July 27, 6:15 pm

“Districtland” is a loving satire of young Washington DC dedicated to the proposition that there is more to life than a business card. It was born on a DC hot summer day in 2011 and conceived when two filmmakers Manish Alimchandani and Imran Mujawar asked Cristina Bejan to write a satirical script about Washington DC. Originally written as a film, Bejan converted it into a play, the genre she knows best. Last summer, when Bejan received the Distinguished Alumni award from Northwestern University’s Philosophy Department, the play saw it’s first audience. In the fall of 2013 Star Johnson began graciously showcasing scenes from the play at Open Stage in the Fridge gallery performance space in Eastern Market, where “Districtland” performed to full houses. In December 2013 David Robinson kindly hosted the cast, crew and a small audience for the development workshop and a live read-through at his residence. The overwhelming feedback Bejan received at the workshop was to submit the play to CapitalFringe 2014, which she did, and here we are.

Bucharest Inside the Beltway is DC’s new culture and arts collective. Founded by Cristina Bejan and Rucsandra Pop, the collective was inspired by the cultural world of Bucharest where professional and amateur artists work collaboratively to create meaningful cultural experiences for the local and international communities. Through Bucharest Inside the Beltway, Bejan and Pop hope to bring that spirit of diversity and collaboration in service of culture and art to the District. The collective aims to celebrate performance, writing, translation, visual art, music, film, education and expression in all languages. To learn more about the collective please visit: www.bucharestinsidethebeltway.com

Info about the show and tickets are available on line at: https://www.capitalfringe.org/