28_1yujawangI have come from The Black Sea seaside a day ago. I would have been able to stay there more sunny days (I had no vacation the last three years), but GEORGE ENESCU FESTIVAL from Bucharest has tempted me to come back to participate as N.A.R.P.A. journalist at a great event: Yuja Wang ( ‘Decoration Day’ by Charles Yves) and San Francisco Symphony ( Yves, Bartok and Mahler; San Francisco Symphony conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas, 11 Grammy Awards).
I know my summer ends here and now, not at the Black Sea seaside; my summer ends here, listening to a magic music performed by Yuja Wang and San Francisco Symphony. To listen to them: a dream has come true.
I plan to develop A POE INTERNATIONAL PROJECT to invite San Francisco Symphony to join it. Till then the autumn may come over my heart. The beauty of this magic music can’t die within my soul.
Thank you, San Francisco Symphony, for this unique summer end !

Ioan Iacob, September, 2015

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