We continue to be very strong partners and friends’says
Marjorie STERN, Cultural Attaché, the U.S. Embassy, at the event dedicated to 135 years of diplomatic relation  between Romania and the U.S.A.
index   The U.S. Embassy to Romania and the National Village Museum ”Dimitrie Gusti” from Bucharest have invited the Romanian people to an extraordinary performance of  the ’Yellow Bird Apache Dancers’, a colorful Native American group for the first time in Romania (June 20 – 21). Welcoming remarks have been made by Paula Popoiu, General Manager, the National Village Museum ’Dimitrie Gusti’, Marjorie Stern, Cultural Attaché, the U.S. Embassy, Mirela Carmen Grecu, Director Directorate Public Cultural and Scientific Diplomacy Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    At the end of this event dedicated to the anniversary of 135 years of the U.S.A. – Romania diplomatic relations, Marjorie STERN, Cultural Attaché, the U.S. Embassy, has offered to us a statement:
 Marjorie Stern  ’This is an important year, 135 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Romania. We continue to be very strong partners and friends and I thought Romanians love American culture and I know they love native American culture. I thought it would be good to see you at first hand a family with this group and I thought what a great opportunity to share that little bit ( ’o bucățică’, says Marjorie Stern into Romanian) of American culture with the Romanian public on this anniversary of very important relation.
    We, the Embassy, do our best in Romania to bring different programs to all of Romania, to have a performance in Bucharest, but they went to Sibiu, they are going to Tg. Jiu, to share our culture all to Romania, with all Romanians. So we don’t charge for the performances and I hope everybody enjoyed (this event) today, young and old.’
corespondenta de la prof. drd.Ioan Iacob