CafeFestival_generalEvery evening of 15-22 May, starting 20:00, EUROPAfest artists, coming from 4 continents, will perform live in the middle of the audience at Caffe Festival Ibis. Without conventions or claims, Caffe Festival Ibis is a place of relaxation and good-mood, mainly for those who want to end a workday in a really fun and cheerful way. Concerts held late into the night with artists from jazz, blues, pop or classical and the relaxed, jovial atmosphere invite you to enjoy the small pleasures of life, such as a glass of wine with friends.

The event offers an escape from the daily life rhythm, replacing the sumptuous concert halls with a friendly, confortable, affordable and fun venue. Participants of Caffe Festival Ibis have all the ingredients to build nice memories, listening to good music, widening the circle of friends and interacting live with the artists. Caffe Festival Ibis is more than a mix of events, it is a state of mind.

Leave your phone and agenda, undo your tie, come and taste the scent of some quality music !