We were about to publish an interview with Professor Bob Cichocki from the U.S.A.  But ‘Hurricane Sandy’ has come and we’d like to publish a report about it written by Professor Cichocki (in fact it’s a letter to us). Publishing this report  means solidarity with the American people and journalists ‘from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean’.

 Ioan Iacob

It has been raining here for three days now.  I spent several days making sure that I had enough food and water to last a few days.

The hurricane hit the coast line very hard.  The coast cities of about eight states were destroyed.  The governors ordered people to leave before the storm hit, because they would not be able to be rescued.  Some people stayed in their homes.  Now they want to be rescued, but helicopters cannot fly in the strong winds.  They are surrounded by the ocean.  Trucks cannot drive because of fallen trees and wires.  They do not have electricity, no heat.  They will will have to wait.  They did not listen to the warnings.

Thirty people have died so far.

I live about 100 miles from the ocean, but only three miles from the Delaware River.  Cites and states all around me got the worst of the storm.  Subway tunnels are flooded in New York.  There will be no trains, buses or planes for about a week.

The hurricane caused snow in the western parts.  It’s very cold, so all the rain turned to snow.

There was only minor damage at my place.  There are a lot of trees limbs and bushes all over.  But I still have electricity.

I am fine.  I just will stay at home for several days.  A lot of streets are flooded and many trees are across roads, so I cannot go anywhere until everything is cleaned up.

take care, Bob Cichocki

„Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Adapt and overcome”