Some things about the Iashington International Conference in 35 seconds. Imagine what you can find out in a whole week!
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Iashington International Conference 3rd-9th of September in Iasi, Romania!
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Who we are?

AIESEC is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their leadership potential . Our goal is to direct young people focuses on taking a proactive role, developing self-awareness and a personal vision, building networks and developing capacity to drive change

About Iashington 2012

Iashington is an international conference that combines our passion for excellence and traditions so you can enjoy an experience you won`t forget for a long time!

Iashington is about bringing together cultures and youngsters all around the world in one place. It`s about celebrating diversity and tradition, it`s about you, the young and restless that wants to achieve greatness and puts passion in every step. If you`re looking for performance and self-development or you want to discover, learn or simply be inspired, Iashington is the conference for you!


Through Iashington, AIESEC Iasi will transform the city, for one week, into an international capital and will connect youth all around the world. The goal is to make them aware of diversity and develop a global vision concerning cultural sensitivity. From local perspective, this event is an opportunity to take off boundaries and get to know other cultures.

What are we going to talk about?

1st track: Achieving Performance(Leadership&Management)

Where is the crossing line between these two? Figured it out?
Most important: where do you fit best and what you should improve? Manager mindset or leader attitude?

2nd track: Starting Line (Entrepreneurship&Initative)

This will help you draw your own map regarding your career!
You will find out if you are tailored to be an entrepreneur or you just have some very good ideas! Can you spot an opportunity, but don`t have the discipline of achieving success? Or you have it, but you just don`t have the courage for a change?

3rd track: Creative Sparks (Workshops)

The workshops we`re preparing are going to put your imagination to work!
You will have a lot of fun and you will learn things you`ve never thought you`ll do! Team work limits the greatness of your ideas, or contrary, it makes them better? Find out!

4th track: Childhood Dream(Motivation&Personal Leadership)

This part it is about insights and self-discovery…
What drives you? What makes you productive? What do you do best without trying? If you`ll ever want to be an exceptional leader, you first have to learn how you lead yourself!