Piano claps are telling the story tonight.

About decisions, mistakes, double lives

Paths, regrets, unstable minds.

Caught between day and night,

Between living or being dead.

Drink up with me now,

And let’s hear the whispery sound.

A beautiful start,

Flashes of the first date,

The warmth of your hand holding mine…

Drink up again,

And ignore the fights, ignore the tears,

Let nature be the stage,

And the sun our light of wisdom.

You’ve chosen to drink again,

I choose to listen.

And as the melody played along,

You kept on drinking, and so you’ve passed away.

Late nights, no calls, drugs and bad decisions

The booze pushed you into the dark.

And so I looked, I screamed

But my voice doesn’t follow yours.

I light a cigar and I watch

As you get far away

Dancing your way and stepping on broken glass.

Another dead dream, washed away by the sweet bitterness.

Deep breath, a last glance, and one more drink.

Tomorrow is another war.

Matei Bianca, Studenta – Univ. Romano-Americana